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Team Fortress 2 Frenzy Is On The Way Up

August 18, 2021
Team Fortress 2 Server Hosting >thisisjustarandomplaceholder<If the speed is the game, then we are the name.
The essence of so-called "Engineer Gaming"

Team Fortress 2 has and remains to be a personal favorite of our staff– and apparently the rest of the world as well.

Since 2007, Team Fortress 2 has spurred one of the most driven and active communities in the gaming world. At any given moment for more than a decade, Valve’s free-to-play class-based shooter is in the top 10 of games being played on Steam.

Enter the 2020 Pandemic: TF2 sees a pop of new active users– ultimately collimating into peaking its all-time high of concurrent players as recently as Summer 2021*. This happens with the backdrop of developer abandonment and a cheating bot crisis.

However, when there’s a will, there’s a way. The will of the community has been experiencing new growth, partly attributed to the notorious replayability of TF2. The way: well, that’s up to you! Valve’s casual server experience has gone from diverse fun to a hunt of finding servers populated with real players. More and more, the time for sustainable Team Fortress 2 community servers has become opportune again.

To this end, we’re proud to now offer Team Fortress 2 in our service lineup. FastCat Hosting is now adding the following in services:

-Free SRCDS (any Source-based server including CSGO & TF2) installation and setup guided with expert staff.

-Server security optimizations, SourceMod/MetaMod, and FastDL setup.

-Support for servers across nearly all Source games like the Half Life or Counter Strike series and mods such as Team Fortress 2 Classic.

-Services to help tailor your server, including plugins, Stripper:Source, remote and advanced administration, server managers, and more!

1-1 custom-made and optimized training servers on Team Fortress 2 and TF2C hosted in our Boston datacenter*. A unique token of contribution, we encourage you to use these servers to get better at your TF2 skills! Simply look up “fastcat” in the server tags or type “tr_” in the map filter and click on a FastCat server!

…and so much more! We’re here every step of the way to make sure you set up your ideal server beyond incredible hosting service.

Fun fact: if you’re hosting in our Boston datacenter, your server will be running in the room exactly next to Valve’s servers. Your server will be located feet away from Valve’s. To answer your question: yes, this proximity, coupled with our 10 Gbps port means a fresh TF2 server install will take about 2-and-a-half minutes.

*to address the all-time high stat being potentially influenced by the bot crisis: TC2 and Master Config’s mastercomms ran a server crawl and found only about 30K out of the 150K player peak were idle/cheating bots.

**We own all of our server hardware and never pass off contracted hosting from another company. FastCat’s servers are all based in a high-end datacenter sharing the same real estate as the likes of Netflix, Facebook, and Microsoft on a 10 Gbps port.

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Our Enterprise, Company-Owned Hardware Guarantee:

A good majority of our industry participates in partnerships, contracts, and unfair scalping/arbitrage to resell you subpar servers. You never know who the actual owner of your server is, and sometimes neither does your “provider.”

FastCat is proud to own all of its hardware and the responsibility of maintaining/upgrading it. Our Tier 4 Datacenter shares server real estate with and has direct peering to Amazon, Microsoft, and Valve/Steam coupled with our uncompromising 10 Gbps port— which comes standard for all services.

Company guarantee >thisisjustarandomplaceholder<If the speed is the game, then we are the name.